Essential Fluids

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Keeping fluids at proper levels goes a long way to keeping your vehicle in good working order. Fluids are essential to the smooth operation of many of a car’s systems including the engine, brake system and transmission. Letting them drop below the fill line or, worse yet, letting them dry out completely, can be a recipe for disaster. While many car repairs require a skilled professional, maintaining the levels of essential car fluids is easy and possible for every car owner.

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Fuel Saving Tips

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These days, it seems like everyone is tightening their wallet, and drivers everywhere are looking to get the most out of every tank of gasoline. For those in the driver’s seat, here are simple ways to increase fuel efficiency and save at the pump.


  1. Check your tire pressure regularly. Low tire pressure means more of the surface of your tire touching the road, which increases friction and decreases your fuel mileage.
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All About Winter Tires

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Winter weather is around the corner, so many people are switching to winter tires. Why? Winter tires will give you the best performance in ice, wind and snow. Tests conducted on ice show that even at 25 km/h, vehicles using winter tires had a stopping distance nearly a full car length shorter than the same vehicles using all-season tires. Without winter tires, you are more prone to slippage on corners, spinouts and trouble on icy hills.

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